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November Bonus Show: John Mullaney

During his speech at the London premiere for “The Return of the King”, Peter Jackson said, “this is a long film and I’m a bit concerned about the water that you’ve all been given so pace yourself, okay?”; by that same token, this is the longest show we have ever released at about 120 mins so you can’t say we haven’t warned you.

Last Thursday (11 November), I was able to meet with John Mullaney, the artist of the wonderful and fantastic “Serenity Cutaways” available from QMx or if you wish for something as little “more”, signed artists proofs are available directly from John’s website, www.thetopdraw.com.  We had a great conversation where not only did we cover his work with QMx, but in typical Sending A Wave style, went off onto various tangents – and I hope that you also find it enjoyable.

As part of his website and this is also on QMx’s site, but we are also adding it here; John filmed a great short video about producing the Serenity cutaways which, if you haven’t watched already, please do to appreciate the painstaking attention that John applies to his projects.

Lastly, as part of the interview, John mentions a “spot the prop” competition which will be running on both his website and QMx and we read out the list of items, but we are also including them here to give our listeners a head start – so grab your magnifying glass and get searching for the following:

  • Vera
  • Ball and hoop (as featured in the beginning of “Bushwhacked”)
  • Engine catalyser
  • Model toy of Han Solo in carbonite
  • Simon’s bag
  • River’s cryo box
  • Ship’s paper (the wallet!)
  • Grenades (yes, the ones that Jayne wasn’t allowed to take with him in “SERENITY”)
  • Mal’s browncoat
  • and two for Inara: her long bow and the incense/flash bomb

Plenty to find, I think you’ll agree.

I’m pretty confident that this will not be the only time we have John on the show and both Odile and I look forward to the next time and I want to thank John for meeting with me on Thursday.


So… got a couple of hours and you want to know more? Then you can find us on iTunes or listen to us here.

Hope you enjoy the show and see you in a month!

As promised here is the link to get to the Mashable website: http://mashable.com/awards/

Don’t forget to go and nominate @browncoatsmovie for the following two categories:

  • Must-Follow Non-Profit
  • Most Creative Social Good Campaign

Don’t forget: you can nominate them once a day everyday until November 29th!

And finally, for your browncoaty Xmas needs: you can receive a $2 discount on “Redemption” for being a wonderful listener.

When you buy from browncoatsmovie.com input the following at when checking out:

Discount code: saw2010

This will give you $2 off the cost of the DVD – this does NOT impact on the charitable donation that your purchase generates, but will be applied to the production costs (ie cost of DVD, shipping, etc).




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So, what else have we been missing …?

Quite a lot actually, so let’s see if we can’t cover a lot of ground …

Heading up the list is our favourite “Firefly”/”Serenity” artist, Jason Palmer with his new additions to his “Sereni-Tee”: Jayne and “Out To The Black”

These fabulous shirts were available from Jason and his lovely wife, Elena, at San Diego Comic con (hey, fashionably late, remember?!), but I have a sneaking suspicion that one or two will be available at DragonCon next week too.

Our friends over at QMx have also released new t-shirts for our delactation, but also a new “Serenity” maquette – bobble-headed Oaty Fruity Girls:

The biggest news for Sending A Wave is that we are proud to be co-sponsoring the Whedon Universe Saturday night Shindig at Dragon*Con 2010 next week.  Wendy is returning to D*C, so be prepared – you’re wearing something vaguely “Firefly/Serenity”-ish, you might just find a small Brit sticking a recording device under your nose.

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So, yeah, sorta off the radar

Yes, it’s been a while; so where have we all been?  The summer is always a busy time for Odile as she is a teacher and the end of the UK school year is when we in the UK sit state education examinations and Odile is amongst the small army of teachers who mark the papers, etc. Andrew and I started new roles within our respective workplaces and for both of us that is meaning new responsibilities and – for the time being – longer working hours.  And of course, if you have been keeping up to date with the show and also follow us on Twitter, you will also know that I had surgery a couple of months ago.

During my recovery and slightly before it, I spoke with Andrew Slack of The Harry Potter Alliance about the wonderful fundraising work that the Harry Potter fandom does and how fandoms can work together for charity fundraising.  It’s a great conversation and I’m sorry that we have sat on it for so long, but it happened during the start of CSTS and we felt it best to focus on CSTS.  Then I was able to speak with Mark James for all the latest on his fan film, “Bellflower” and finally, I spoke with Troy and Laura about their ongoing, “Into The Black” film.  All of those will be coming up this month and into September.

We held our CSTS Affiliate screening on 10 July where we were one of the lucky ones to also see the rough cut “Redemption”.  It was a glorious day and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Odile for throwing open her house of this and thanks to everyone who attended.  It was great to see you all.  One of the highlights of the day, was being able to hook up with Mike Dougherty and Heather Fagin from their table at the convention they were attending in the States!  Huge thanks to Mike and Heather for doing that – Skype, we salute you!

What’s next?  Wendy is attending DragonCon next month, so is looking forward to seeing all The Signal team (yes Kari, Crunchies!), attending the “Redemption” premiere on Saturday night, seeing our friends at QMx, the Saturday parade and all fellow Browncoats – so, if you are wearing something “Firefly”/”SERENITY” related, I may stop you for a chat.  If you are attending D*C, be sure to listen to our next show as we will have a fabulous announcement regarding the Saturday night Whedonverse track Shindig.

Other news:

Massive Events’s “HalloWhedon” convention in the UK announced the addition of Jewel Staite to their guest list.  If you wish to learn more about this event, please visit their website here.  Always pleased to have her in the UK.

Alan Tudyk has a role in the next “TRANSFORMERS” film currently in production.  In a recent chat with the “From Hollywood With Luv” blog, Alan spoke about his character in the film and also another production he is in called “Beautiful Boy” with Maria Bello and Michael Sheen and you can read that here.  And if you have yet to view the “DALE AND TUCKER VS EVIL” trailer – what the heck are you waiting for?!

If you were amongst the 120k (give or take a couple …) attending 2010’s San Diego Comic Con, then you were positively falling over our BDH’s!  Nathan Fillion was part of the panel for James Gunn’s “SUPER” and “Castle” panels, inadvertently signed up for a sequel during an interview, signed at the SoCal Browncoats table along with P J Haarsma and also found time to gatecrash the Joss Whedon Experience Q & A.  Ron Glass, along with “Firefly” scribes Jose Molina and Jane Espenson signed at the QMx table.  Adam Baldwin formed part of the “Chuck” panel along with his fellow cast members, Morena Baccarin was there for “V” and Summer Glau was tubthumping her new series, “The Cape”.  And of course, our Great Bird of the Verse, Joss Whedon was in attendance hosting his very own “Experience”, forming a double-act with J J Abrams for the EW’s “Visionaries” panel and finally confirming what must have become one of the worst kept “secrets” in Hollywood, that he was directing the upcoming “AVENGERS”. PHEW!

I spent the day at London’s very own comic con at Earl’s Court on 18 July and amongst the tables and dealers, found Cooler Walls really taking my attention, bumped into old friends Steve and Naomi at the Firefly Store who are still going strong!

As many of you are also aware, Nathan Fillion has also been part of the ongoing “Read” campaign for the American Libraries Association which you can read about here and also buy the poster here for $16.

Lastly, if the sound of a Pete Carpenter/Mike Post tv theme brings a smile of fond memories, then this is for you!  About six or so weeks ago, the lads over at i09.com had some time on their hands and, as everyone knows idle minds are the Devil’s playground, but on this occasion produced something totally fabulous – a rejigged 80’s style “Firefly” credit title sequence complete with Carpenter/Post-style theme.

Right, we’re recording today, so time to sign off.


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Show 61: The Map of the Verse and Browncoats Redemption!

Hi there!

We had a great time recorded this show, as we always do in fact, but maybe even more so as we had two great interviews for you!

We managed to talk to Ben Mund from QMX about the Atlas of the Verse and he kindly offered a nice giveaway! If you want a file of your own planet, looking like it would belong to the map of the verse then you need to listen carefully to the podcast as 6 of our lucky listeners will get the chance to receive this superb prize! Just to give you an idea of what you would get Ben kindly made the one below for me.

The planet Karode with its 5 moons: Hoban and Kaylee (my 2 dogs) and Willow, Oakland and Rihana (my 3 cats):-)

We also caught up with Mike Dougherty and Steven Fisher from Browncoats Redemption giving us and update on how the film is going.

In our news section we discussed a few things coming up such as the couple of Dark Horse Comics  the Dr. Horrible iPhone comic which was about to come out very soon after our recording session (I have bought it since then, as thankfully it was released on the UK iTunes as well as the US one and I loved it: it’s a nice little story giving us some background on how Billy becomes Dr. Horrible, so if you have a iPhone or iTouch, I would say it is well worth purchasing!) we also discussed the next chapter in the Serenity comics: Serenity: Float out and I personally can’t wait for that one!

We have also mentioned “Courage: the series” and I am happy to report that since recording episode 61 we have been in touch with them and we will interview them very soon, until then, check them out and their awesome trailer and get more info here!

Well, as you can see it is a packed episode, with goodies for you to win, so buckle up and enoy the ride!

As usual you can find us on iTunes or listen to us here!

Stay shiny and catch you next month!


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Wow, er, yeah, been a while …

Yes – it has been a while, so moving on …

As many of you know, I was in the the US in November attending Creation Entertainment’s “Salute to Firefly and Serenity” event.  It was fabulous to catch up with our friends from the SoCal Browncoats, Austin Browncoats, QMx, KNTR and “Browncoats: Redemption”.  I can assure you that there was much conversation and merry-making.

The day I returned to the UK, it was the Starfury event, “Cylon Attack” at Heathrow (how handy!) which included Morena Baccarin, Jonathan Woodward and Sean Maher (returning to the UK after an absence of 3 years!) as guests.  Odile also attended “Cylon Attack”, she and I recorded our next two forthcoming shows there and I’m going to write about both conventions in a separate entry.

I know that this is late news, but the Producers Guild of America announced in late November that Joss Whedon is the latest recipient of their Vanguard Award.  This award recognizes achievements in new media and technology and will be presented at the Guild’s annual awards ceremony on 24 January 2010.  Joss is in more than excellent company with this award as past recipients include George Lucas, James Cameron and John Lasseter to name just three.

Also in November, we were contacted by a new listener, Michael Hudson, who told us about a new audio drama called “Miranda: A Survivor’s Story”.  Unfortunately, since coming back from the US, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had an opportunity to listen to it yet, but as I have been very overdue in sharing this, please go to their website here to listen.

Prior to the conventions, Martin Firrell exhibited his long-awaited “H E R O” which featured Nathan Fillion in early November.  For all who couldn’t travel to London to see it, Martin has posted two pieces on YouTube (here and here).  The work was exhibited at the Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks in central London and was made more poignant that particular week due to the deaths of British serviceman, one of whom was stationed at the barracks.

Lastly and I make no apologies for this being completely un-“Firefly/SERENITY” related – there is going to be a feature film of classic British SF TV series, “UFO”.  For those of you not in the know, “UFO” was the first live-action TV series from legendary producer, Gerry Anderson (“Thunderbirds”, “Joe 90” and “Captain Scarlet” puppet shows).  I’m going to unfurl my flag – I am an unashamed “UFO” fan!  I love this show AND was the subject of my very first 2-page “what I did at the weekend” essay when I was 6, so as you can understand that I have a particular interest in this project.  The film is to be directed by Matthew Gratzner and written by Ryan Gaudet and Joseph Kanarek.  It has already been announced that Joshua Jackson has been cast as “Paul Foster” and recent news has Ali Larter in talks for “Virginia Lake” (you want strong female SF characters?  Start watching “UFO”!); no news on casting the lead character, “Ed Straker”.  As always, unfortunately when non-Brits deal with quintessential British TV, one can’t help but feel apprehensive, but it’s happening and we’ll judge when it’s ready.  If this interests you, there’s an interview with Matthew Gratzner here.


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KNTR’s Twitter challenge

If you have listened to our last show, you will know that Odile made her bid for the QMx’s prize of Inara’s shuttle.  Personally, I think how better an effort can one get, but then again I’m biased … 

KNTRToday into my email inbox is another fab effort: a UK KNTR supporter has offered to donate £100 to KNTR if QMx gets their 1,500 followers by Friday.  You can find QMx on Twitter as @QMxInsider – go on!  Give Odile a fighting chance and KNTR another £100.

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Almost ultimate seal of approval for Qmx’s Serenity Artisan Replica

C’mon peeps – you know that the ultimate seal of approval would be Joss, but this is one of those “as good as dammit!” moments and the things some people the-kiss-1will do to get a discount …  If you want to see some more photos of Nathan with the model and a short blog, you can find them here.  Also this is a link to Qmx’s “Firefly Ship Works” site where they have been detailing the build of this replica

Andy Gore and Ben Mund unveiled this model at 2008’s “Salute to Serenity” convention and it was pretty fantastic then.  Qmx have now opened their waiting list for those who are interested in this piece and you can find all the info you need here.

But that’s not all on the Qmx front.  They have also now opened their pre-order list on the latest of Adam Levermore-Rich’s “Little Damn Heroes” maquette: Jayne Cobb, complete with his cunning hat and announced the latest of their travel posters.  Phew!

For those of you who couldn’t get to Burbank in 2008 or San Diego for Comic Con, the good news is that Qmx will be at Dragon*Con, Atlanta,  in September and hopefully they will bring Serenity with them.

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