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Almost ultimate seal of approval for Qmx’s Serenity Artisan Replica

C’mon peeps – you know that the ultimate seal of approval would be Joss, but this is one of those “as good as dammit!” moments and the things some people the-kiss-1will do to get a discount …  If you want to see some more photos of Nathan with the model and a short blog, you can find them here.  Also this is a link to Qmx’s “Firefly Ship Works” site where they have been detailing the build of this replica

Andy Gore and Ben Mund unveiled this model at 2008’s “Salute to Serenity” convention and it was pretty fantastic then.  Qmx have now opened their waiting list for those who are interested in this piece and you can find all the info you need here.

But that’s not all on the Qmx front.  They have also now opened their pre-order list on the latest of Adam Levermore-Rich’s “Little Damn Heroes” maquette: Jayne Cobb, complete with his cunning hat and announced the latest of their travel posters.  Phew!

For those of you who couldn’t get to Burbank in 2008 or San Diego for Comic Con, the good news is that Qmx will be at Dragon*Con, Atlanta,  in September and hopefully they will bring Serenity with them.

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Good News Sunday and The Bellflower

Dearly beloved, we gather here today to witness the renewal of US TV shows; to bask in the glory that is the correct decisions by the US networks:

Fox has renewed “Dollhouse”.  UK’s Sci-Fi Channel begins to air this week (if memory serves Tuesday 19 May) so program your hard drive recorders and Sky+ boxes.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that ABC has renewed “Castle”.  However, before we open that second bottle of champagne, the network has not officially confirmed this and will not be doing so until Tuesday, when it formally announces it’s Autumn schedule.

ABC has c0nfirmed that the “V” remake/re-imagining/re-whatever has had it’s initial episode order increased to the basic 13.  

Lastly, our friends at The Bellflower have both revamped their website and also have space on QMx’s “Shipworks” area.  If you haven’t found either of these, they are very much worth checking out.

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QMx’s Crimbo Winner!

Browncoats have a Crimbo 2008 favourite.  sold1QMx’s “I Aim To Misbehave” maquette of Mal by Adam Levermore-Rich which is the second of the “Little Damn Heroes” range to be released went on pre-sale on Saturday 20th December PST; QMx announced that by midnight PST, over half of the stock had been pre-ordered.  If you haven’t ordered yours, be quick, you might just get the last few.

The fabulous thing about this maquette is that for every one sold, a donation will be made to “Kids Need To Read”, which regular listeners will know is a literacy charity foundered by Nathan Fillion and PJ Haarsma.

I kept saying to Andy and the QMx guys and gals that it was a shame that


they didn’t open the pre-order for Mal at Creation – looks like it was a good thing they didn’t, not sure if there would have been any left …

Congratulations to Andy, Adam and the rest of QMx and to Denise and everyone at KNTR what a cracking end to 2008 and start to 2009!

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“Salute to Serenity” Creation convention 2008

I have recently returned from Los Angeles where I attended the 2008 “Salute to Serenity” held by Creation Entertainment 22 – 23 November.

I had a very good time, enjoyed the convention, and it was wonderful to be able to catch up with James, Lynn, Scott and Colleen from the SoCal Browncoats and KNTR, Andy and Ben: the Qmx lads, Jason Palmer, Marian Call, Bentley and Sean from the “Bellflower” fan film and finally, meeting Beth Nelson – the outgoing CSTS 2008 Global Organiser.

As always, it was fabulous to see our BDH’s Ron Glass, Jewel Staite, Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin and Gina Torres. To everyone who agreed to speak with me – thank you and also to Gary Berman, Adam Malin and their team for running such a professional event.  Although, given the current economic climate, Heaven knows what the next 12 months has in store for us all, but if the opportunity arises, I’d certainly like to attend a second ti

You’ll be able to hear some of the fan reactions and the start of the interviews I was able to conduct in our December and January shows.

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Qmx: “Better Days Big Haul Giveaway”, Creation announce Summer Glau for November and “Dr Horrible” trailer hits the web

Hope you’ve all found your way here from the previous site.  Andrew and Paul (Cadmium 2) have been using WordPress for a while and figured it was idiot proof enough for me …

Ever wondered just what 1 million cashy money notes would feel like?  Thanks to a new competition by our friends at Qmx, you just might be the lucky so-and-so who finds out!  Running from 30 June to 30 September, Qmx (in conjunction with Dark Horse comics) are saying a huge “thank you” to Browncoats worldwide for their past, present and continued support by hosting a draw where the prizes are enough to have you drooling!

To qualify, you must purchase one of their classic money packs (currently $17.95 or less than £10 for those of us in the UK!) direction from the Qmx website.  Each purchase will automatically qualify you into the draw.  Rather than me listing the prizes, why don’t you head off here to view for yourself?

Just as an aside, during our Big Damn Stateside adventure in February, I was very lucky to see the Kaylee maquette in the “flesh” so to speak and it is as pretty and cute as it’s photo suggests.  

On the 1 July, Creation announced Summer Glau as their latest guest to their “Salute to Serenity” convention at the Burbank Marriott in November.  

For our viewing delectation, Joss has released the trailer for “Dr Horrible” and you can read a letter from Joss giving details of the release here

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